Want to be a sponsor? Tell us about it…

The first method of sponsorship is our donor program, through our 501(c)(3) fiscal partner, TechColumbus.  Donations provide the operational capital needed to run a world-class program.  Founders Factory operates 10Xelerator as very lean and efficient organization. However, money is still needed to host events, attract national experts, and foster an environment that nurtures job growth and company creation.  For information, please contact Ray Shealy: ray@foundersfactory.com

The second method is our partnership sponsor program. Through your participation, you will receive an opportunity to generate brand awareness and gain early exposure to innovative early-stage technology companies and the 10X network of mentors, advisors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors. For more information, please contact Brooke Paul: brooke@foundersfactory.com

Who is behind 10X?

10X is Columbus’s venture accelerator. 10X is managed by Founders Factory, but it remains a collaborative effort among Ohio’s New Entrepreneurs (ONE) Fund, TechColumbus, Columbus 2020, The Ohio State University and other like-minded community organizations committed to leveraging their experience, expertise and influence to grow profitable businesses.

What is the history of 10X?

10X is off to a solid start, but finishing strong is what truly matters. That’s why 10X is pivoting into a privately funded, equity-based accelerator built for the long haul. The 10X track record: 3 classes, 27 startups, over $9 million in capital and counting.

Why should I support 10X?

10X aligns perfectly with what the community says is integral to the future of Columbus: job creation; attracting and retaining top talent and graduates; and leveraging our competitive advantages (big data/analytics, logistics/retail, educational technology and cyber security). With a proven model and methodology in place, we’re seeking partners to help make 10X our region’s sustainable accelerator for technology startups and help us emerge as a national leader in technology acceleration.

What’s the impact of my donation?

Every great company needs help getting off the ground. Your donation makes that possible for the new generation of great companies. Charitable donations to 10X support the ground floor of innovation – providing the essential funds that move ideas from the basement or the garage to the light of day where mentors and experts can provide value. This level of funding is akin to funding from friends and family, a small but critical amount needed to get started in order to access the tools and talent available through 10X – and it comes before pre-seed or seed funding and well in advance before parties such as the Ohio Tech Angel Fund (OTAF) take notice.

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