The 10X Startup Accelerator offers entrepreneurs $20k in early-stage funding, access to over 100 renowned mentors, outstanding partnership opportunities, and introductions to a vast investor network.

Program FAQ

What is 10X?

10X is a mentor-driven accelerator focused on converting promising entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses and, ultimately, sustainable companies. 10X is central Ohio’s premier accelerator program. Managed by Founders Factory, it is a collaborative effort among Ohio’s New Entrepreneurs (ONE) Fund, TechColumbus, The Ohio State University, Columbus 2020 and other like-minded community organizations committed to leveraging their experience, expertise and influence to grow profitable businesses.

Who should apply?

Generally, 10X is open to any disruptive technology, but we’re seeking more than just a good idea. We are particularly interested in entrepreneurs who are experienced and pragmatic professionals – those who are developing solutions that speak directly to challenges and pain points they’ve encountered in business and who understand the need for collaboration to realize success. More specifically, we are highly interested in entrepreneurs and teams who have market-validated solutions that impact one of four core business sectors: big data/analytics, educational technology, logistics/retail, and cyber security. Central Ohio is a proven leader in these disciplines, and the 10X community of mentors and advisors reflects this expertise.

How is 10X different or better than other acclerators?

It’s all about fit. After reading our requirements, you’ll know if 10X is right for you and your idea. A key differentiator for 10X is that it seeks a different type of entrepreneur: seasoned professionals who have experience in their defined space, who are agile, fast and willing to adapt, and who are fully committed to the accelerator process. A focus on big aata/analytics, educational technology, logistics/retail, and cyber security drives our decision-making and further differentiates our accelerator. Success is ultimately measured by graduating successful teams that go on to be profit-generating companies, and we significantly improve our teams’ chances of success when we remain highly selective and committed to finding the right fit. If your startup is not a right fit for us, we’ll point you to others who can offer guidance and mentorship better tailored to your solution.

Who picks the teams?

Successful entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts. They are the mentors guiding teams through the program and who have a vested interest in their success. 10X employs a rigorous multi-round review process among program managers and mentors with various facets of expertise represented to ensure a comprehensive assessment of each team.

Program Benefits

In addition to the tremendous value of a customized accelerator program with 10X, TechColumbus will provide up to $20,000.00 per engaged company of “in-kind” services through the expert network. Service areas may include:

    • Incorporation documentation
    • Licensing drafting and negotiations
    • IP evaluation and protection determination
    • Labor, litigation and employment counsel
    • Business tax structure consultation
    • General accounting and cash management services
    • Advertising and graphic design
    • Industrial design package services
    • Press release design and distribution
    • Branding and logo design
    • Prototype development
    • Sales and leadership training
    • HR services

As with most accelerators, 10X investors will receive a 6% common equity grant for participation in the program.

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