10X Announces the Teams for the Class of 2013

We are excited to introduce the newest class of 10X. This years class includes teams from Jerusalem to Australia and includes startups in the retail, social media, semantic language prediction, innovative news publishing, image recognition, cyber security, and logistics. These entrepreneurs stood out to us through the entire application process and we are excited to get started.  Kick-Off day is Sept 4th! Here they are…

Leapin Digital Keys 


Company Description:

LEAPIN’s Digital Keys is a smartphone-enabled access control system. It is a replacement for traditional metal keys and existing keycard access control systems, providing the same functionality as current keycard systems but with greater security and convenience. With no need for cabling or other infrastructure, Digital Keys can cost as little as one tenth the price of keycard systems, and can be installed by anyone in minutes.


Steve Dunn, CEO/Co-Founder MBA, Grad. Dip Management, BA in Town Planning

Steve’s has worked in asset management in local government, and as an assistant valuer for a Commercial valuation firm in North Queensland valuing resorts, hotels and other commercial buildings. With contacts from around the globe from living overseas for 4 years, and from living in Hotel Resort accommodation in Australia for 4 years, coupled with his combined Local Government Asset management knowledge and experience, Steve has been and will continue to be the key LEAPIN Project driver.

Sam Faulkner, CTO, BA in Computer Science

Sam started his IT career before he even left high school and he’s been working in the IT industry for 9 years. At High School Sam received the Order of Australia Association’s Student Citizenship Award for his contribution to citizenship, IT and his local community. Since High School Sam went onto to study a Bachelor of Computer Science at Flinders University, South Australia part-time, whilst holding down a full time job for 6 years with one of South Australia’s leading professional Information Technology solution providers with a history of over 25 years service. Sam’s one of those IT guys that sometimes doesn’t sleep for weeks at a time when he’s coding, working on tasks or completing projects. Sam likes a challenge – so when he’s not flat out delivering IT work for LEAPIN, or tinkering with circuit boards (Sam loves hardware too) he’s also a director of another company based in Adelaide, Australia called All My IT. Sam’s Portfolio

Fly Apparel


Company Description:

Fly Apparel is an online retail brand focused on the emerging men’s retail market. Fly Apparel officially launched in June 2013 and has already started selling it’s shirts across the US and around the world. The shirts in its Signature Collection are sourced and manufactured in Southern California, and Fly Apparel utilizes its domestic production to decrease product lead time and stay ahead of the hottest fashion trends. Signature details in the current shirt collection include wooden button and zippered cuffs.

The market for men’s online fashion retail is increasing at a rate of 13% per year, and Fly Apparel is positioning itself to become the next great fashion brand of the 21st century


Daniel Espinosa, Founder, CEO

Dan is the founder of Fly Apparel. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2011 with a degree in Communications.

Katie Studer, VP of Marketing at Fly Apparel.

Katie is a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Communications.

Annie Sturgeon, Design/Developer

Annie is a Junior at the Ohio State University majoring in Aerospace Engineering with minors in Business and Industrial Design.

Panopticon Laboratories


Company Description:

Panopticon Laboratories builds software that detects account takeover and fraud in online video games using anomaly detection-based technology that has been validated in the online banking industry. The idea for Panopticon Laboratories was born when Matt Cook, an online banking fraud industry professional and avid video gamer, realized that the fraud experienced by MMOs mirrored the online fraud and account takeover that banks have been working to prevent for years. As he began to research game companies’ responses to this problem, it became clear that they were devoting significant resources to stopping it, but were primarily relying on outdated, inefficient systems that could be easily defeated by fraudsters. Panopticon Labs will adapt the most-current techniques developed for the banking industry, including anomaly detection and behavioral analytics, as the core of a product suite built for use by online game publishers to detect account takeover and protect their games and customers from fraud.


Matt Cook, CEO

A product management professional who has been designing software products that detects and prevents online bank fraud and account takeover for nearly 15 years. He spent the last four years honing his product management skills and online security industry knowledge while working as a Product Manager and Senior Product Manager for Silicon Valley startups. Matt’s main roles at Panopticon Labs include product strategy and design, product management, and talking shop with video game security specialists. Matt graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Tony Peluso, CTO

Tony has spent his life developing web-based applications and user-friendly interfaces. He has started and run two successful companies, including LocalPlay and Infotoaster and has done business with a wide range of clients, including startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. At Panopticon, Tony will be responsible for all things technical and will use his personable demeanor to bridge the gap between the development and sales teams. Tony has a B.A. in Business Analysis and Information Systems from Texas A&M. http://www.infotoaster.com/

Amy Szabo, COO

Amy brings a decade of experience as a senior level manager in nonprofit organizations domestically and internationally and has raised over $18 million in grants for former employers and clients of her nonprofit communications consulting business, a. grants & communications. Amy will use her experience as a fundraiser and communicator at Panopticon Labs, and will be responsible making sure the business runs as a business (i.e. operations). We also take advantage of her non-tech, non-gamer background and rely on her to tell us if what we’re thinking makes practical sense. Amy has a B.A. in English from Oklahoma State University and a M.A. in Slavic and East European Studies from The Ohio State University.



Company Description:

Imagry is an interactive visual shopping platform that helps consumers shop using their mobile phones’ cameras. Finding products online is becoming increasingly more difficult with the amount of products becoming larger everyday on the web. Imagry indexes the images of products that are sold online to allow users to use visual quarries to shop using just their cameras.


Adham  Ghazali, Team Leader and Architect

Adham was involved in programming and design since he was 12 years old. He built his first robot using battery operated DC motors from scrambled electronic toys.  He loves to explore how things work and how to make them function better.  His goal is to build more intelligent web and mobile applications that will revolutionize how users interact with machines.

Waseem Elhaj, Marketing and Business Dev.

Waseem started his first business when he was 18 years old; he dreams to be fully independent and has an issue with authority.  Waseem is a graduate of the engineering school at the Hebrew University, and comes is highly recommended by his professors. Since his graduation Waseem did not apply for any job, he continued working on his small projects and is dreaming to start his own business in his field. Waseem is adept in UI design, graphics and image/video processing.

Majed Jubeh, Technical Lead/Programmer

Majed is a professional programmer specializing in application development, with vast experience in backend/front end communications and databases configuation. Majed is a hard worker who likes to finish his tasks as fast as possible.

Connect to Home


Company Description:

The ConnectToHome community of websites is dedicated to reporting on and celebrating the extraordinary happenings in our communities. We feature local thought leaders and spotlight the incredible businesses that make our home great. Our job is to uplift and report for our neighbors. Oh and have a little fun while doing it.  As a media-technology company ConnectToHome focuses on delivering value to businesses through connecting them to readers and consumers in their community. Our foundational service is sharing news that is local, positive and relevant.

Will Zell, Founder of Providence Holdings, purchased a small monthly newspaper in Union County called Hometown Connection in March, 2012. In March, 2013 the company was rebranded to ConnectToHome and launched a daily news website alone.


Will Zell is the Founder of Providence Holdings, Inc. Providence builds brands that love people. Will became discouraged that the majority of local news reported in his hometown focused on the negative events that took place. He believes that every day great things happen in communities across the country that never make it to the public’s attention. Determined to change this Providence Holdings purchased a small monthly newspaper in Union County, Ohio called Hometown Connection, which was relaunched as ConnectToHome in March, 2013. Will is focused on leveraging technology to create a trusted company that connects people to where they live, starting with the news they read.

Will is passionate about sharing his journey of ups and downs with other entrepreneurs. He believes the best thing an aspiring entrepreneur can have is a realistic view of the journey to build an idea into a company. Will resides in Huntsville, Ohio with his wife Beth and three children.

Social Token


Company Description:

Social token, hopes to add a new dimension to mobile gaming by rewarding gamers with real world prizes. Social Token seeks to solve ineffective advertising in gaming, low user retention rates, and lack of user engagement by allowing mobile game players to compete for real prizes


Ryan Ramminger, CEO

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Social Token. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ryan attended Miami University where he obtained a BA in finance and economics in 2012. He has worked for Fifth Third Bank for 3 years as a banker and has been involved in the mobile application industry for 2 years. Ryan started Social Token as a way to offer rewards to application users, increase revenue for developers, and improve the outlets for advertisers to find consumers.

Nedim Nisic, COO

Nedim was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He came to the United States to obtain his BA and MBA in business from Cleveland State University. Nedim has worked in the online marketing and advertising industry for 3 years, the last 2 with Aztek. As an entrepreneur, Nedim joined the Social Token team as COO to lead the development, marketing, and operations side of the company.

Social Media Spanish/Oye!


Company Description:

OYE! is a business intelligence tool that will provide companies with unique insights into Spanish and Spanglish conversations online. This tool will effectively track, segment, and monitor real-time online conversations so our clients can make educated business decisions and developing culturally relevant communications fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.

OYE! can provide an affordable business intelligence solution for brands, government agencies, political parties, nonprofit and educational organizations, PR agencies, and any other entity interested in communicating with Hispanics.


Natasha Pongonis,Co-Founder and Director

Natasha is a social media and business communications expert with extensive international marketing experience. She has developed key content for many organizations and Governmental agencies engaging the diverse Hispanic audiences through her understanding of communication between cultures, traditions, and regional variations of Spanish.

Natasha started her Architectural studies while living in Belgium, continued her degree in Argentina, and concluded her thesis studies at the University of Venice, Italy where she found her passion for multilingual marketing communication solutions while working for a European firm. Being fluent in four languages – English, Spanish, French & Italian – enables her to reach out and connect with a diverse digital audience across the globe.

A native of Argentina, she has worked with companies in Europe, North and South America developing a strong sense of understanding companies’ needs and assuring brands’ relevant online presence.

Eric Diaz, Co-founder and Principal

To stay on top of the newest trends in multicultural social media marketing, Eric participates in online conversations; researches best practices and industry trends, and discusses the newest wrinkles in social media programming & development.

Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, China serving an important marketing and supply chain development role for Staples, Inc. Eric worked with Staples, a Fortune 500 retailer, to construct a modern and efficient warehouse to help support the exponential company growth in the region additionally, as part of his Masters program Eric designed and executed a research study on the cultural influences and business activities within the Shanghai region contributing to its hyper-economic growth.

Eric completed his Masters Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston while founding and becoming president of the Latin American MBA Association (LAMBAA). He completed his undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and has a passion for helping people.

Last Size


Company Description:

Last Size is an online marketplace offering Boutique Retailers a forum to sell last-sizes and past-season and excess merchandise at deeply discounted prices.

All too often, Boutique Retailers are left with unsold last-sizes and styles of merchandise at the end of each fashion season.  Boutique Retailers are faced with selling these items through traditional avenues – such as in-store sales, reduction sales, and special events – that are cumbersome, inefficient, and uneconomical. These avenues result in increased inventory and handling costs and lost reinvestment opportunities on new inventory.

LastSize.com creates a marketplace where Boutique Retailers can upload images and redirect unsold merchandise to a new customer base in a fast and efficient manner. Moreover, LastSize customers gain access to hard-to-access, locally based Boutique Retailer brands at discounts of 40% – 90%.


Patrick Hicks, Co-Founder and CEO

Patrick is tasked with growing Boutique Retail subscriptions, new business development, managing strategic partnerships, managing direction and growth of LastSize, and overseeing staff and daily operations. Patrick’s Background Includes: Education: B.S. in Finance & Entrepreneurship, Miami University of Ohio -Select Previous Work Experience: Sales and Marketing, Xerox; Mortgage Financing, Residential Finance and American Bank; Current Boutique Retail owner of Repertoire -Related Retail Experience: Founder of Repertoire (http://www.shoerepertoire.com; an online men’s and women’s footwear store)

Maren Roth, Co-Founder and Vice President

Maren’s responsibilities include developing Last Size’s public relations and media plan, managing Boutique Retail accounts, and providing media content for all social-media platforms. Maren’s Background Includes: -Education: B.S. in Consumer Journalism, University of Wisconsin -Select Previous Work Experience: Director of Public Relations, Simon Showroom; Current Boutique Retail owner of Rowe Boutique -Related Retail Experience: Founder of Rowe Boutique (http://www.roweboutique.com; a clothing, accessory, and jewelry boutique for the fashion lifestyle minded woman)



Company Description:

If you’re one of the 7.5 million at-home traders in America, you know all too well how disadvantaged we are when it’s our trades versus the algorithmic trades made by the computers of institutional investors. StockLeap is an algorithm that helps to level the playing field, and narrow the gap that exists between you and the automated trades of these large investment houses!

Stock Leap is predictive analytics for the at-home trader; it’s a complex, learning algorithm that aggregates and disseminates news feeds using statistical analysis to determine the probability of stock prices moving based on that news.


Chris Castro, CEO.

Chris is a 2nd-year MBA grad student at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, and will be in charge of business development, marketing, and strategic alliances.

Vijay Sethi, CTO.

Vijay just recently completed his MBA in May from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. He has a strong background in both statistics and the stock market, and will be in charge of algorithm design and enhancement.



Company Description:

MoveEZ is an online marketplace that allows consumers to find high quality, licensed movers, and compare quotes instantly while at the same time providing movers with qualified referrals and appointments increasing their sales conversions and reducing their customer acquisition costs.


Venkatesh Ganapathy, Founder & CEO

Venkatesh holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management from Ohio State University and has over six years of experience in sourcing, procurement, and online negotiations in a variety of industries including transportation. He also has four years of experience in entrepreneurship. Brian on the other hand has over 15 years of experience in the moving industry running a successful software company that provides sales management software and mobile solutions to moving companies. Venkatesh will be responsible for managing the business, developing partnerships, marketing and raising capital.







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